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Death in the Dark

Where Silver Meets Gold

Slytherin/Gryffindor Love
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Welcome to deathinthedark, a Slytherin/Gryffindor community. Here is where we specialise in fics of Gryffindor/Slytherin pairings.


1. These rules are like the Ten Commandments. You will obey them or Lucius will beat you over the head with his cane. Any post tagged moderator or maintainer shows authority and you shall obey it.

2. Do not post anything that has nothing to do with the criteria of the community, save manips, icons, and wallpapers. (The criteria is listed further down) The graphic criteria is also required to meet.

3. You all love Slytherins. You may have Draco Malfoy's poster on  your ceiling, you may go out to malls smacking your little brother with Lucius Malfoy's walking cane, and you may yell at people for calling Blaise Zabini a girl, but you shall not act like a Slytherin in my community. We are all kind Hufflepuffs, and I shall flame you if you are not. 

4. FanFiction is loved by the moderator. I love it and will most certainly leave a comment, so it will never go comment-less. And I'll be nice about everything, I mean, it's my community.

5. Moderators are your best friends. Any post tagged with moderator or maintainers can be commented to ask questions of any sort. 

6. As I need all of you to be reading the rules, let's see. You will read this rule and memorise it and love it. Love it a lot. If you love it, the first fiction you post should have the sentence, Extremely Slytherin and emo kid central underneath the warnings, so I know you read these. If you didn't, you will be denied access.

7. Just as you have to be nice to the moderators, you have to be nice to anyone posting in correspondence for rule #3. They will be no flaming or bashing of any sort. That include posting and saying, "Oh my gosh, I hate this pairing, Slytherin is a homosexual house and you are horrible for writing it!"  You will be banned.

8. Read the criteria and stamp it to the inside of your elbow. You better check it once, twice, and three times, because if you post, without saying you aren't sure about a fic, I shall warn you.

9. Icons, manips, and wallpapers are love.

10. Have fun! Have a lot of fun, or whatever you want to do. Just follow the rules. 



Criteria Fits:
Additional Notes:


Title: Did You Forget, Love?
Author: Elena/dirtyxemoxkid
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Blaise reminds Hermione whom she is married to.
Criteria Fits: NC-17 fic, Slytherin/Gryffindor Pairings.
Warnings: Extremely Slytherin and emo kid central.
Additional Notes: none.


!♥ your fic has a Slytherin in it.
@♥ your fic is paired Slytherin/Gryffindor. (no extreme fluff in this)
#♥the rating is a high M, NC-17, R, or anything bordering on these. (any pairing)
$♥your fic contains a lemon. (any pairing)
%♥your fic contains death.
^♥your fic has been kicked off a site (other than AdultFanFiction and NC sites)
&♥it is considered a dark story, where good turns bad, or bad, worse.
*♥the warning label contains Insane!, Evil!, or Suicidal characters, no matter who.

note: if you aren't sure if your fic fits the criteria, post it anyway with what you think it would fit, and I will let you know.


Tags are an author's best friend. Match the symbols to anything above to find out the correct tag.

!♥ slyth fic
@♥ slyth/gryff
#♥ rating
$♥ lemons
%♥ deathfic
^♥ rejected fic
&♥ darkfic
*♥ warning

Maintaining, Moderating, and Membership. 

So, you've joined deathinthedark. Have you signed the statement agreeing to the rules? If you haven't, pick the appropriate title and signed here.

If you wish to be a moderator, comment this post and tell me your name and what you think would make you a good moderator. If you have read this, type Death Eaters are funny as hell in your explanation.

If you wish to maintain the community alongside me, I will need you to comment the same post for the moderators, telling me the phrase, green and silver knickers when you reply, how available you will be, and any ideas you will present to the community. This privelege comes with the access to the community mail at slytherin.gryffindor_love@yahoo.com and any power that I have.

If you wish to affiliate, you just post something at the posts above, and type the description of your community. That's about all.
i.e. deathinthedark: A Slytherin/Gryffindor community.

Now that you have joined deathinthedark, have fun!

Elena, Maintainer.
(if you have any questions, email me at: slytherin.gryffindor_love@yahoo.com. Not hard at all, just ask away!)